Say ‘Hello!’ to PAN

I thought that I would share this email that I received today from Michael Whelan from PrEPaccessNOW…share the love and please if you have any comments check out the website and let him know.

PrEPaccessNOW have undergone a bit of an overhaul in the last couple of weeks, including a new design and a new website which launched today.

PrEPaccessNOW have chosen to slim things down to ‘PAN’. While also being a handy acronym for PrEPaccessNOW, PAN also means ALL. We believe PrEP should be available to everyone, and we believe in promoting and supporting access to all of the available HIV prevention tools: PrEP, TasP, PEP, and condoms.

What’s changed?

We’ve added:
·         A new logo, and a new URL
·         Content specifically for Treatment as Prevention, PEP, and condoms
·         A links page to refer people to state-based AIDS organisations and PLWHIV organisations
·         A new PrEP clinic locator map
·         Step-by-step instructions on how to order from SIX online PrEP websites, as well as easy side-by-side price comparisons in $AUD per month
·         A video gallery with great PrEP content
·         A  handy glossary of terms (ARV, TasP, UVL, generic medications, etc)
·         A state-by-state breakdown of options for accessing PrEP

What hasn’t changed?

·         Our statement of principles, goals, and committee structure are all exactly the same
·         We still have the Assistance Scheme available for those with a health care card, concession, or low income
·         We still have tonnes of PrEP FAQs
·         Our Facebook page is still active at

What does this mean for

All the information and resources that were on the website are available on, including the Assistance Scheme through Green Cross Pharmacy.

Anyone who visits the old website will be directed over to the new site; so if you happen to be a clinic, sauna, or venue with our business cards – that link will still work… but we’ll have some new cards available within the next week. Send us back an email to request some, or drop us a line via the website.

Feel free to update the copy on your websites to reflect the new URL

We’d love to hear your feedback on the content – please get in touch!

Michael Whelan