RISE SURVEY – Take part now!

The Kirby Institute is seeking people recently diagnosed with HIV to participate in a new research project. Your involvement will help us understand the experience of being diagnosed with HIV today and the impact it has on your life.


RISE stands for ‘Recent Diagnosis and the Impact of Support on Experiences of HIV’. RISE is exploring people’s experiences of being diagnosed with HIV and the changes in their lives following their diagnosis.
We just need you to simply complete an online survey twice a year. The survey includes questions about your experience of being diagnosed with HIV, and your life since then. The first survey will take about 35–45 minutes to complete. (The follow-up surveys will be shorter.)
If you agree to it, you can also take part in an interview which will enable you to talk in more detail about your experience.
The impact of HIV varies for each person regardless of gender, sexuality or cultural background. RISE will assess the role of different types of support on the health and quality-of-life of people newly diagnosed with HIV. By sharing your experience through the RISE Study you can can help influence the way support activities are offered in Australia.
You can take part if you;

  • Have been diagnosed with HIV from 2016 onward?
  • Are living in Australia
  • Are aged 16 years or over

If you want to know more, please visit www.risestudy.org.au where you will find additional information about the study, or you can contact the study team to ask any questions you might have.

Thank you
The RISE Study team